Jiaming (Jamie) Song is a filmmaker, painter and mixed media artist who was born in Beijing and currently lives in San Francisco, Bay Area. Before she began studying Fine Art at San Francisco Art Institute, she was an architect studying Museum& Landscape Design and received her bachelor’s degree in Design from the University of Central Missouri and Beijing University of Technology. Driven by the desire to create her own expression, Jamie started a journey to pursue her dream of being an artist. Her works have been shown internationally including Missouri, California, and Beijing.






Artist Statement

Through Film, mixed media Installation, and oil painting, Jamie investigates the way of people's peace and release, different identity faced different environment and problems and released the emotion during the process of socialization. She believes that no one is immune to the influences of their surrounding environments, from close social groups such as relatives, friends to intangible superstructures such as culture and ideologies. Everyone is the mental patient in this society. By using her experience as a starting point, she analyzes the repression, potential energy, explosion and the power influenced between the individual and society.



An artist is nothing but a reflection of their environment, because of this, my work’s meaning has been influenced by my culture. My work combines elements of new media with traditional Chinese and European painting techniques.  I am inspired by traditional Chinese landscape painting and calligraphy, as well as oil painting from the Romantic period. I create moving images to project onto my paintings, giving them movement. The resulting images become a metaphor for layers of perception, informed by my experiences and culture. Through these experimental practices, I am able to visually capture psychological ideas.


Hidden behind a beautiful abstract scenery,  sensations that are heavy, chaotic, and distorted are ever lurking beneath the peaceful surface. It was transformed by the scene that I made for the video, I transformed them to an abstract painting and changed the color tone. It is within this contradiction that my process aids me in understanding my own emotions and thoughts. Making these ideas tangible allows me to look at them objectively. I use natural elements like trees, water, wind, and fog to express the value in my heart. It is the metaphor of freedom and inclusion that creates strength is my reaction to my culture. The mediums of painting and video are my vehicle for expressing that metaphor.


My work came from my own thinking, confusion, and understanding of the inherent value system between traditional and contemporary. I believe that art is a way to transform doubt and suffering into a tangible expression. When facing the darkness and confusion in the world around us, there are few avenues available to alleviate distress— society dictates what is justified, what is valued, what is profound or worthy. Art is a tolerant way to convey our idea.