2011 BFA Art& Design Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China.

2014 BFA Interior Design the University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO.

2015 MFA Interaction Art &Design California College of The Arts, San Francisco, CA.

2016 MFA Fine Art San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA.



2018 Clyde&Co Award Reception Exhibition 

2018 MFA Film Festival, Osher Lecture Hall, 800 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA;

2018 Vernissage-MFA Exhibition, Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture, San Francisco, CA;

2018 Aspects of the contemporary and the mythic, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA;

2017 Evolving Office: AN ARTE ÚTIL PROJECT, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA;

2016 Echo after Echo, CTRL+SHFT Collective, Oakland, CA;

2015 MFA Summer Exhibition, California College of the Arts, CA.

2015 Transcend- BFA Exhibition, UCM gallery, Warrensburg, MO;

2014 Wormhole Space, SongZhuang, Beijing, China;

2014 Wall Painting, Ulanqab League Museum, InnerMongolia Autonomous Region of China;

2013 Digital X Space Academic Show, Report Hall of Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China;



2018 Clyde &Co Art Award